Why You Should Never Tell Anyone About Your Dreams

By Marc Hunter

February 8, 2021

@mainohustlehard on Instagram

Rapper Maino hopped on instagram with a message about remaining secretive about your dreams and passions. Check out the video or read the transcript below:

I have to stop telling people what my dreams are, what my passion is, what my visions are.

I gotta stop trying to share that with everybody. Where I see myself going, where I imagine myself going.

Because a lot of people lack the foresight. They lack vision. They lack belief. They don’t even believe in themselves let alone believe in me and where I’m going.

I told a friend, “Yo look, I’m going to be a billionaire!” My friend looked at me and told me ten reasons why that sounded stupid to him. Then he gave me ten reason why I shouldn’t even try that.

Then he gave me ten reasons on why if I did try it, it ain’t even going to work. But he couldn’t give me one reason why his life isn’t together.

It’s always the man with no plan who will sit on the sidelines and tell another man about his plan.

It’s alway the man with no plan sitting on the sidelines. He got all the answers though.

Source: MainoHustleHard on IG

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